Thursday, January 21, 2010

Metaphor Me!

Don't you love metaphors? You know you do. They often give a visual to the reader that cannot be expressed in plain language. They connect us to an event in a story that we could not otherwise experience.

Be careful of Dead Metaphors, otherwise known as clichés, in your writing.

Right as rain.
Raining cats and dogs.
Happy as a clam.
At the end of my rope.
Slept like a log.

Just to name a few. My favorite would have to be the Mixed Metaphor. These crazy phrases hit my love of the ridiculous like a ton of bricks. (cliché alert)

1) He stepped up to the plate, and grabbed the bull by the horn.
2) He is a loose cannon that always goes off the deep end.
3) He often shot his mouth off in the dark.

And my all time favorite mixed metaphor:
"If we can hit that bullseye then the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards... Checkmate."
-Futurama-Zapp Brannigan

See picture:

Interstellar spaceship captains can be lovers of the language too.

Watch the metaphors, and have fun creating new ones.


  1. He also eloquently referred to comets as "the icebergs of the sky." Man, that Zap is one smooth talker.

  2. Man, I love metaphors. I talk all the time in metaphors and analogies. My friends say I should be a preacher. lol!

  3. LOL! Sadly, I've probably used a couple of those before. Not lately though...of course (removing all silly cliches and metaphors from Done). : )

  4. Love it! Did you happen to catch Stephanie's post yesterday?--


  5. L & L: No! I haven't seen her blog before, look what I was missing! Loved those metaphors! Thanks!

    Kimberly, Linguista: I love the oldies too, I can't help it. Sometimes nothing else fits. BTW, my dad was a preacher and we used to dress up and pretend to preach to our dolls, animals, etc.

    CKHB: Love that Zap, I am pretty sure I dated him back in the

  6. I'm a metaphor fan too. But yes we need to cut them.

    And it's, "Happy as a clam at high tide." Want to get the full quote in there. I think it's an old New England expression. In New England we dig clams up to eat at low tide. That's why they're happy at high tide.

  7. Terry, that is I did not realize, thank you for clarifying the metaphor! I like the longer version I want to use it bad...

  8. That was an excellent post! Thanks for sharing

  9. I looove metaphors. What kills me is when I find them sprinkled thoughout my WIP. Those little suckers are sneaky!


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