Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Flashbacks

Let us flashback over the last week and recall certain moments that will forever be burned into memory.

Highlights of my week include the following:

I found a button on my new phone that reads texts out loud. I was unable to find it again as it read my husband’s random pornographic messages in a booming electronic voice in the middle of my office. I began singing loudly to cover the sound. I much prefer co-workers to think I am crazy rather than perverted.

I forgot to lock the bathroom door at work twice this week. At least I closed it. I could not reach the doorknob to lock it once I noticed so I sat in terrified silence praying no one would walk in and trying to pee as fast as possible.
(Note to self: Rethink open door bathroom habits at home.)

What were the flashback highlights of your week? Also, if there is a particular time that you would like me to flashback on then please speak up!

 Happy Friday!


  1. Bahahahaha!!!! That better be a true story about the text messages... otherwise I will start to pout. :D

  2. Bahahaha!! I was literally laughing out loud! Luckily I did not read this while at work! Pornographic messages read via a recorded voice, that is quite embrassing nice recovery on the singing loudly!!!

    P.S. I am now thinking I should re-think the open door policy as well!!!

    I too am an avid Criminal Minds fan!!! Love love love the show, can't wait for it every week!

  3. Valerie: Completely true story. When its about me or my family I could not make up the craziness that happens to us daily. We are like a wierd magnet(but we are totally normal...yes we are).

    Jen: I knew it!!! I am obsessed with that show! Told my husband last week that I feel qualified now to profile all our friends.

  4. This made me almost choke on the water I was drinking when I read it. Love your wild family stories. Hey, you could write a book!

  5. LOL about the bathroom door! I hate bathroom's with the door and toilet at opposing ends of the universe. It gives me great stress. And too funny about the porn read aloud session! I bet you are too fun to work with. BTW, are more guys hanging out at your desk now?

  6. Hahahahahahaha (umm... that might cover the funniness I just read... but, no) hahahahahahaha!!!

    LOL! Seriously, that text message thing is the funniest thing I've heard! Ever! LOL! If I worked in a desk next to you we would be great friends. You would be the one who sang out loud to drown out your porno text messages, and I would be the one who just burst out in fits of laughter for no apparent reason (while reading blogs like yours at work!)!! LOL!

    But still, I think you win most funny award (there should totally be one of those!)!!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. That phone story is hilarious! I could just see that in a Bridget Jones movie! :)

  8. Too funny! I've always sort of wished there was a way to hear my texts read out loud, but now I'm totally rethinking that one...


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.