Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Am A Big Dog.

I believe there are Cat People and there are Dog People.

Now I am not saying that a cat person cannot love dogs or vice-versa. But everyone loves one species more than the other.

It is a telling point to the kind of person you are, although it is not foolproof. Not all people can be pigeon holed into a category (animal haters=psychos) but it does give a general view of the majority.

There have been studies done on this topic and the consensus is that dog people (based on what they said about themselves) tend to be more social and outgoing. Cat people tend to be neurotic but more creative, philosophical, and at times, nontraditional.

My own opinion is within these groups are smaller sub-groups. You have your small dog lovers (or catdogs as my family likes to call them) and you have your big dog lovers. I think big dog lovers tend to be more aggressive, spontaneous, and more loving. The bigger the animal…the more love needed.

With cat people, you have your big fat barnyard cat people and you have your finicky Siamese cat people. Most cats are independent, sometimes they love you…sometimes they don’t. Cat people enjoy this low maintenance relationship.

The well known theory that people tend to look more like their animals over time is explained by the simple fact that people choose animals that favor them without even realizing it. Studies show that woman with long hair tend to favor cats or dogs with longer hair and so on. Again, this is not a foolproof theory. I love big, hairy dogs...I am not however a big hairy person.

I cannot help my fondness for rough slobbery animals that give me unconditional love and don’t mind a good wrestle every now and then. No, I am not talking about my husband.



  1. Awww.. such cute pictures! I'm the proud owner (sometimes... when they are not driving me crazy) of a Pug, Pekignese, and a Boxer. Haha! What a trio, huh??

    So what does that say about me? I'm too scared to find out. : )

  2. Love the human and dog pix. Sometimes people do look like their dogs, though I don't think I've ever looked like an English sheepdog or a beagle.

    But yes, I'm a dog lover. Kittens are cute but cats are too aloof for me.

  3. Dog person too. Dogs are just nicer. I agree with Terry, cats don't have the time of day for people.


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