Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Truths

So today I reveal the truth in my Monday Mind Games post.  I wish all of them were true but I am sorry to say only one is.  Do you think you chose correctly?  Well get over it, most of you didn't.

1) I am a reserve deputy sheriff on the weekends. Not because I care about the law but because I really like wearing a gun.
False: Like anyone would let me carry a gun. Although on the weekends I do sometimes pin a fake badge on when I am cleaning. And no one can beat my Feather Duster Quick Draw.

2) The one time I went to Disney World with my family it was ruined because I decided it would be hilarious to run screaming through the crowds. What was I screaming? "Mickey has rabies."
False: I have never been to Disney World. But I would sooo scream that if I ever went. He is a big rat and frankly that freaks me out.

3) I was tested in the 4th grade for speed reading and was able to read 950 words per minute and comprehend 100%.
False: It was 6th grade and 750 words a minute.

4) My husband was a male model for a few years in the 80's for Guess jeans.
False: They missed their chance. Their loss…my gain.

6) If my son and I concentrate really hard...we can hear each other's thoughts.
False: He can’t hear my thoughts.

7) I am actually Stephen King. I only pretend to be this person, Marsha, because I have lost contact with my fanbase.
False: He wishes he were this cool, he just doesn’t realize it.

So that leaves…Number 5!
Don Johnson is my first cousin on my dad's side of the family.

Oh yeah, like I would make that up. If I were lying about being related to someone famous it would be someone far cooler than this:

Who now looks like this:

I have never met him. My dad’s family is huge and the cousins are endless. I am pretty sure he has been hit up for money, introductions, and who knows what else by others before I was even born.

My mother and father babysat him while they were dating and I do have major dirt. I also have a great picture of him from the seventies when Hollywood was still a distant dream. Sometime in the future I will scan that in and post it. I can’t be sued if I’m family and it’s all true right?

Oh well.

Thanks again to Clair Dawn for the great award!


  1. LOL. I love your lies, even if they aren't true. So funny. And how cool is it that you're related to someone that's a celeb? Even if it is just Don Johnson, that's way cool!! :)

  2. I still think it's cool! :)

    The only famous person in my family was our island's most notorious criminal. lol.

    You're welcome again. I'm putting my answers up tomorrow- on April Fools'. How ideal! :)

  3. Hey, I think it's cool, too! You ought to rent The Long Hot Summer with Don Johnson and Cybil Shepard. He was cool in that.

    Your lies are so great, you must be a writer.

  4. You are too funny!!! Quick draw dusting should be a sport, really. ;) DJ is your first cousin? I'm close to ALL my first cousins so I can't imagine never having met one. I hope you meet him and ALL your precious family one day! =) He should really know how cool YOU are.


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