Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Must Read!!

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting.

This is Kimberly’s debut novel and it’s incredible. It is rare that I get caught up in a story so completely that I forget to look at the mechanics of the writing but with this story it was impossible not to.

Violet can sense dead bodies. Each one leaves a specific echo and they call to her. It is her junior year of high school and the bodies calling to her are the victims of a serial killer that she intends to help capture. If that wasn’t enough, she develops a smokin’ hot relationship with her childhood friend Jay…and I do mean smokin’.

The writing is tight, the descriptions are remarkable, and the characters are people we wouldn’t mind hanging out with.
Total Bonus: Kimberly is a rabid Stephen King fan. If I didn’t love her before, that sealed it.

Read her blog, and you will find that she is also really funny in a down to earth, self-deprecating kind of way. I can’t wait to read more of her stories in the future.
Agent: Laura Rennert of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Read an interview with her at Dark Faerie Tales.
Visit her website:


  1. ok, seriously, it's like you read my mind. i JUST bought this book, and i've been so swamped i haven't had any time to sit and read it -- this review was the push i needed to MAKE time to read it!

    thanks, love!!

    have a fabulous week!!


  2. Oh, I've got to add this one to my TBR pile. It looks so spooky and moody and awesome. I'll have to pick this one up soon!

  3. Sounds interesting. Dead bodies seem to be big these days in YA.

  4. Wait! I think I saw this book available for the Kindle. I'm running over and grabbing it. Thanks for the review!!!

  5. I absolutely loved this book! I mean LOVED!! I actually got to interview Kimberly and plan on posting it soon. :)

    Great book! Thanks, Marsha!!

  6. Looks like another brook to add to my TBR stack.:)



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