Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday's Take

Inside my head.

Jessica over at Bookends said something last week that stuck with me. That maybe some of us are in our own head too much.

I have noticed that I am saying excuse me more often these days due to the fact that I didn’t hear what was said the first time around. Or I am being asked if I am upset about anything? Or am I feeling ok?
I think it’s understandable. I have a lot floating around in my head and it is distracting.

Sample Thoughts:

1) Should I have my mc kiss her love interest the second time they meet? Is that too soon? I definitely need to up the hot factor.

2) What the heck is Tahereh going to blog about today? I have to go buy a pair of shoes like hers. How the hell do you pronounce her name anyway? Ty-ree? Tahhee?

3) I wonder if anyone would notice if I wore pajamas to work?

4) Where has Clair Dawn been? Did she survive another fire alarm?

5) I wonder if I took a trip to Maine would it be possible to camp out at Stephen King’s front door. Would he talk to me out of pity? Or possibly file a restraining order?

6) Did I pay my water bill?

7) When I am published, how long will I have to keep my day job? Maybe I’ll stay forever if they let me wear pajamas.

And that just covers about thirty seconds.
How can writers help being in their head too much? That’s where all the awesome action is.

That’s my take on it.


  1. Ha ha! Japan had 4 holidays this week! I've been in a self-induced cherry blossom vegetative state :) But I'm back now. Just in time to select winners in The Sweetest Tooth contest :)

    I hope you plan to go to Maine in summer. Camping on a doorstep in the Northeast in winter does not sound like fun. Forget the Police, he could just put you on the lawn as an ice sculpture!

  2. Sometimes there's too much action in my head, so I try to get out of it. That's where reading fiction helps me escape.

    Like the ice sculpture comment, Claire
    Dawn. :)

  3. Haha... I love your thoughts. We writers do a lot of thinking, don't we? And it's always about important stuff. LOL. :)

  4. Oh man, I always have a lot floating around my head too, and it's just as random as your thoughts! You're right -- as writers, all the action is in our heads. I feel guilty when the drama in my imagination is more interesting than real life, hehe.

  5. I'm definitely inside my own head too much. Which, is why, I desperately need fresh eyes to give me a new perspective on things! I can picture something, but I don't always get that on page correctly. (Thanks, BTW!)


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.