Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday's Word: Ho-tastic

Hotastic is a combo word. These are words I like to create when something defies traditional description.
As in this group:

Slut-tagious.  I blame that blond one...and shoes.

But the person that best fits the hotastic definition is: 

Julia Roberts. 

She is incredible.  She has lived her life on her terms and for that she has our undying admiration.  When her career first started she quickly went through these men.

Then she matured, and maybe realized she shouldn't date men prettier than her.  Always a good rule.

And now she has settled down somewhere in the middle.

We are sure that if we were single, in our early twenties, and a rising star in Hollywood with her choices...we would have done many things the same.
We love you, Julia Roberts, and to us you will always be Ho-tastic.

And that, my friends, is the Word.


  1. Ha! I had forgotten all about her first husband. I wonder if she feels the same? And yes, a million times yes, don't date pretty boys, ever. I learned that lesson the hard way in high school.

  2. Fun blog! What a great word. Love the white dress in the top pic. Some pretty boys are great guys, though.

  3. Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments. You know I love pretty boys, and I think all of the ones that Julia dated are really great...especially Liam Neeson who lost his wife not that long ago.

    I consider my husband a hottie and with a lot of work he is now a great guy

    But there are some that are only pretty on the outside and to them we raise an eyebrow, give a disgusted sniff, and turn away.

  4. Love that word. I must introduce it into my everyday vocabulary. LOL.

  5. loool! awesome!!

    and yes, julia roberts = love.

    she's always been one of my faves.


  6. Funny word! I LOVE Julia Roberts, so much so that I'd forgotten all those things/people in her past (as she probably has). I wonder what dating Benjamin Bratt was like ...


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