Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Must: True Blood

Watch it. HBO-Sunday nights at 8:00 central time. If you don’t have HBO…get it.

Season 3 started last night and let me tell you, it is smokin’ hot. What could make Bon Temps, Louisiana any hotter?
Hello? Werewolves.

And of course being the quality show that it is…they decided to go with real wolves instead of a cheesy special effect.

This show is a perfect combination of horror, dark humor, and romance. It’s not afraid to get in your face and show you what it would really be like if all these supernatural beings existed outside of our imaginations.

If they did exist, where else would they be but in the backwoods swamp land of southern Louisiana? Where the words drip with smooth, sweet charm and the heat warms you to a slow burn.

Watch it once, and be hooked forever. Which sort of makes it sound like vampire crack…but in a good way.


  1. I watched the first season on DVD. Loved it. And read a few of the books. They are very addicting. I guess because I don't have HBO, I will always be a season behind. The second season comes out DVD next week and I've got it Netflixed already! =)

  2. Werewolves on the bayou. I like it! I might just give that a try.

  3. I love this show! And last night's episode was FANGTASTIC! Can't wait until next week. Sigh... you know it's bad when you wish for Sunday to be here. ;)

  4. Watching it as soon as I get home!! Eeee can't wait :)

  5. TV series make me wish I was in the West. Oh well.


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