Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday's Take: Eating Your Words

In regards to my husband's family reunion which I may or may not have referred to as the Hillbilly Hoedown more than once in the past month...I am now eating my words. When we arrived in this quaint little town not far from where he was born, this is one of the first sites I beheld.

Hard to hate on a place that could have been lifted straight off the set of the Ghost Whisperer. The people were wonderful, the landscape incredibly beautiful, and the food as mouthwatering as only homecooking can be. We had a great time, my husband had one of the best Father's Days ever, as did his father, and I only hope that yours was as peaceful and heartwarming as ours.

I would also like to add that no one forced me to sew a quilt, join any square dancing, or talk me into eating Rocky Mountain Oysters...which are not oysters at all.

We all know words are powerful, they are meant to be written with caution and read with care. If we speak them without thinking...we may end up eating them later. And they never go down easy.

That's my take on it.


  1. Welcome back! It was nice to hear you had a nice time!

  2. awww so true. and SO HAPPY you had a fab time.

    we missed you!

  3. As someone who has eaten my words MANY times, all I can say is, 'I feel your pain.' And every time I promise myself I won't do it again. And...well... *blushes*

    If you find the cure let me know!

  4. Welcome back! I'm glad you had a great time!

    I often find, when I dread some socializing event, it turns out to be the best time. Life is funny that way:)

  5. Hey, Marsha babe. Just wanted to stop by and check out your blog. Nice job. Cool musings!

    Glad your vacation turned out well.

  6. If you have to eat your words, be happy it's that you predicted sometihng bad and got something good, and not vice versa.


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