Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday's Word: Morphilicious

One of the qualities of a good story is the ability to gradually morph a character into someone else before the end. You can change them from bad to good or good to bad, depending on the situation. Sometimes the results are shocking, but the best ones by far are the ones you never see coming.

For instance the show Breaking Bad on AMC is all about what happens when you take a decent guy and give him more problems than he can handle.

In Vampire Diaries, we are slowly watching the changes in Damon Salvatore from heartless killer to caring friend.

Events in your story can change the way your main character sees the world or maybe the changes come from inside themselves. Don’t be afraid to take the hero and force him to fail, or twist your villain into the good guy who saves the day. Whatever your character morphs into by the end…it’s sure to be Morphilicious.

And that, my friends, is the Word.

If you’re bored you can always go to and see what happens when you morph a few characters together.

Can't decide if you're Team Edward or Team Jacob?  Be both!

Who hasn't wanted to morph Angelina Jolie into Gollum once or twice?

And for the grand finale...mine and Damon Salvatore's baby.


  1. Okay this was way too much fun!!! I haven't visited the link because I'm at work and testing it out would only push me over my break!

    Morphing characters is one of my favorite parts!

  2. My favorite is your baby with Damon. Great word. Fun post!

  3. OK your baby is tres cute. And it's always kind of nice to watch a killer have a change of heart. ;)

  4. LOVE IT. And that mix of Jacob and Edward is really cute!

  5. That Jacard pic got me all excited! :)

    I love when bad characters go good. Meg in Disney's Hercules, for example. it's jus thte sweetes thing.

  6. I love those morphs! Off to try a few of my own...alas another excuse to "dick around" on the Internet.

  7. Not sure I'll ever look at Angelina Jolie the same again!


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