Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Must: Manage Moods

If you’re a writer, moodiness can be a plus. It comes out in the work. If you are in a happy, shiny mood the entire time you’re writing a manuscript it could turn out to be all rainbows and unicorns, which might make it hard for your characters to suffer. Suffering cheerfully rarely works in a story. Of course, if you’re actually writing about rainbows and unicorns then by all means…carry on.

For the rest of us, we know those dark moods can be beneficial to our work. It changes the pace, adds depth to characters, and makes the story richer for it. The trick is being able to write in those moods. No one said this was easy but it is worth it.

I have compiled a list of moods that can be translated into your story and also produce awesome arcs.

Minor Irritation: Witty, biting dialogue-abrupt scene changes.

Tearful PMS: Main character dealing with loss.

Depression: Sad back story.

Extreme Anger: Kill a few characters…horrifically. Warning: Try not to kill all of them unless you have a plan to bring them back in next chapter.

Happy Happy Joy Joy: Story Conclusion.

Make your moodiness work for you and trust me…you’ll feel better afterwards.


  1. So true and funny too:D Moods do affect us, why not use them in our writing?

    If I'm writing a sad scene, I conjure up a sad time and try to use it, much like an actor does. But I hadn't really thought about the reverse. Thanks, Marsha, this is something I'm going to use!

  2. Oh Marsha, you always make me laugh. I think those translations are spot on. Specifically the Extreme Anger one. Haha!!

  3. I kid you not, as I was waiting for your post to load I was just thinking to myself how moody I've been and how sorry I feel for my poor husband! I guess the universe is telling me I've been venting out on the wrong person!!!! I gotta go kill some people now... characters... I think.

  4. Your blog is way cool, so I just had to follow. ;]

    One of the themes in my novel is that we all have different sides to our personality, and successfully tapping into those sides can create some seriously good fiction.

  5. There must be something in the blogosphere air today. This is the second blog about moods reflected in writing that I've read today. I like how you coupled the moods with certain scenes, very nice and pretty much true.

  6. My main problem is I kill too many villians. I have to be careful to let some bad guys live to the Sci/Fi next book in the series, because villians are more interesting to write about.

    Myabe I'll try a book completely from the villian's (alien's) perspective


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