Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday’s Take: Evil is Hot

7/13/10 Vacation Repost-

I am concerned that I have an unnatural fascination for villains. When I watch a movie or a television series, if there isn’t a really interesting antagonist, I’m bored.

Or maybe the plots for movies and television these days all need a hot bad guy to move them along.

Villains are unpredictable and more complex than the heroes. Sometimes they may choose to show mercy or actually begin to care for someone, or …they may just kill you. They are dangerous and this makes them sexy.

Heroes will always choose to do what’s right so there isn’t any surprise there. If for any reason they do screw up, we are completely shocked and unforgiving. It is much easier to turn a villain into a good guy and have him be forgiven and loved, than turn a good guy bad and still have people sympathetic.

Damon Salvatore did for bad boys what a crispy batter did for the hotdog.

Eric Northman juggles being a strip club owner, drug dealer, and vampire sheriff and still finds time to do a little stalking on the side. Hello? Who wouldn’t love that?

And my favorite villain of all time…
Hannibal Lector, who makes cannibalism almost seem reasonable. Who isn’t bored with the same old dishes day after day?

I think my fascination is completely justified. Evil is hot and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
P.S. Don’t tell my mom.


  1. Haha, Love the crispy batter hot dogs! I agree, a hero can be flawed in many ways but he has to do the "right thing." A bad guy can get away with anything.

    It's unfortunately sort of like real life:(

  2. hahahah i love this post. it's so true.

    we are twisted beings.

  3. The best books/movies have antagonists that are as flushed out and develop as the antagonists.

    And it's true, we allow very little sliding from grace by our protagonists.

    We like a little danger, I guess.

  4. Hannibal Lector is also my fave creepy bad guy.

    Honestly, why would you even watch something without a hot antagonist? (Unless it was a musical...)

  5. Haha. I have to say, before I even saw the pictures I was thinking: Oh, Damon. How I love thee!! :)

    I believe every show needs a hot bad boy. If not, it's just a waste.

  6. Hannibal Lector and 'a good Chianti' Lo)

  7. oh I do love Eric and am especially enjoying him in season 4 :)


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