Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Flashback: Firsts

There are so many important firsts that we will never forget.  It helps to flashback once in a while when you have to force the person that once worshipped you as a spend five minutes outside his room with the family.

First Guitar

First Slumber Party (that kid in front still has bushy eyebrows)

First friend found on the first day of First Grade.

First Scout Campout

First Tube Ride

First Gang Sign (so proud...sniff)

He started High School this week and getting pictures are next to impossible.  Especially at the crack of dawn when he is getting on the bus.  WHERE did the time go?  He was so little just yesterday.

At the time they might not seem so important but believe will look back and long for the time when life was simple and the most difficult problem you faced was why exactly does the school cafeteria cover everything with chili?  What are they trying to hide?

Firsts that I have to look forward to now:
First Date
First time borrowing car
First Girlfriend

Am I ready for this?
First nervous breakdown may be right around the corner.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Aw, cute pictures! :) And I laughed out loud at that chili line. Ahhh school. :D

  2. He's so cute. Lots of wonderful memories here:)

    You have a great weekend too!

  3. Such cute pictures. High school. He's going to have a blast!

  4. Yeah throwing the first gang sign is a moment made of awesome. I still remember mine! ANd that little tykes red car-bed? DS #1 had that until we shipped it off to my parents to use in the spare bedroom. Aww, good times.


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