Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Must: Calling a Do-Over

Have you ever had a day that started bad and continued to get worse?

Like maybe you had an appointment at 9:00am and you woke up early to be prepared(on a MONDAY, the worst of all possible days) and then your appointment called at exactly 9:00am to cancel?

Then maybe your morning continues to consist of not actually getting any work done...but just fixing the mistakes of others?

You take a break to arrange your schedule for the week and you realize it might NOT be possible to make it to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to pick up your copy of Paranormalcy?  You cannot possibly wait for them to ship it... 

And to top it off, maybe you had an awesome blog post planned complete with more dazzling pictures but you just remembered you left your camera at home and didn't download the pics over the weekend like you should have done.

Sometimes you just want to call a Do-Over and go back to bed.

Happy Monday.


  1. It's that whole positive thinking thing - don't let one bad thing pull you down cause then lots more will follow :) Hope your Tuesday is better!

  2. Oh I'm getting Paranormalcy too!!! Ack!!! I can't wait I'm so happy!!!!

  3. Im sorry Monday isn't panning out for you. Perhaps Tuesday will be more to your liking? It always is to mine. ;)

  4. Oh, sorry! I've had days like that. Kind of a domino affect. Hope manana is muchos better:)

  5. I've heard of I'm curious.

    I've had way too many days like that, unfortunately. I just hope maybe one day one of my books can brighten someone's bad day!

  6. Oh, Marsha. I hope your Monday has gotten better. And I hope you get the time to get Paranormalcy. I'm going to buy it tomorrow during my lunch break. I can't wait to read it!!

  7. On those days I can't wait to take a nap. Sleep takes away all the aggravations.

    I am looking forward to Paranormalcy.

  8. Oh, I stayed up most of last night reading PARANORMALCY. It's one of the few advantages of being in this timing AND owning a Kindle DX.

    I went to sleep at 2. Feel like crap today.

    But Kiersten got a FILM OPTION!!! FREAKED!!!
    Stop by my blog for INSANITY, all week long.


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