Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Flashbacks: Games

Before anyone had ever heard of Nintendo or Playstation, when we actually had to use our own imagination to entertain ourselves and not someone else' was much simpler. 
We had these:

Oh, the times we had.  We played Rock Concert with cutout guitars and deodorant caps way past the age barbies were appropriate.  We made up elaborate past lives for each one.  Horrible, sad lives because we were just twisted that way.

If you were a boy I suppose you played with these:

They are soldiers and the results of war are never pretty.

Now we can count on our kids sitting in their rooms, hypnotized by the TV, the graphics so real in games that it's almost as if you were there. 

I wonder what the fallout would be if we unplugged them for a few hours.  Would we survive it?

What games did you play as a child?


  1. I actually had nintendo as a kid, and not only did I manage to survive it, it inspired me to write my first coherent novel. :)
    I also played with barbies though. And I read a lot.

  2. I don't think anyone would survive long unplugging the kids.

    I mostly played outdoors, ball games, ice hockey, biking and the like. On rainy days and during snowstorms, when I had to stay inside, I liked to read, color and paint.

    Fun post! I like the Barbie collection and the stories you made up about them, LOL!

  3. My daughter bought a bucket full of army men once. They're still all present and accounted for. Not a very good use of finances on my part. The barbies she likes a little more, but keeps telling me she's too old for them. *rolls eyes* She's nine.

  4. Marsha I played with Barbie dolls as a kid. LOL

    T. Anne 9 year olds today are just not the same as when I was 9. She's not too old for Barbies :-) I played with Barbies at 9 years old. When she's 10 she can give them up ;-)

  5. When I was little I only had dolls. As a tween and teen I indulged in video games, but I was also a bookworm.

  6. T. Anne--better get her to fill out 401K papers ;-)


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