Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Must: Guard against GaGa

I am infected with the insidious, creeping germs of Lady Gaga. She is everywhere I turn. Every radio station, Television channel…even my grocery store.

Using makeup techniques from Kiss.

And moves from Spiderman.

She may be one of those pod people who take over when you sleep.
I cannot escape her. I am even starting to wonder who the hell this Alejandro is. Maybe I could call him on the Telephone?

There must be a vaccine. I have tried listening to hours of Nickelback, alternating between their rockin' awesomeness and the softer melodies of James Blunt. Then I thought maybe it would help to Just Dance. Nothing has worked.

When I try to sleep at night the song that circles my brain like a toilet drain is…P P P Poker Face.

Help me.


  1. Oh, I know what you mean. Often I flip through radio stations and nearly every one has some type of Ga Ga song on it. She's everywhere!

  2. Her songs really get stuck in your head, don't they? Just reading this sent all of them into my brain for the day. Thanks, Marsha! ;)

  3. Sad but true she had over saturated herself. She's basically lit the fuse to her own demise. Sit back and watch Marsha it won't be long nice. To quote bad romance, Lady G herself 'I don't want to be friendssss'.

  4. LOL. I just reread my comment. I meant not be friends with her and her over rated career moves, not you of course. I enjoy being friends with you. Plus you have a great sense of humor. Are you on Twitter? And if no, why not??

  5. You know the best trick in the world for getting a song out of your head? The ABCs. They don't get stuck in your head, and will rid your brain of Gaga! Try it. :) (always works for me!)

  6. Yep, she is rather good at marketing herself and writing tunes that stick in your head. Sometimes I have to force myself to think of another song to get those tunes out of my head!

  7. Her songs are pretty catchy, but she annoys me so much. I am SO over Alexandro though.


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