Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday's Take: Summer Shows Suck

You know they do.  Except for you, True Blood.  You are like a slow simmering southern stew...just when we think we know every ingredient...you add a new flavor. 

Since it is impossible to live on True Blood alone, we search for something to entertain us when we should be writing.  We are prepared and pay a huge monthly fee for channels we had no idea we had...but knew we might need someday.  Maybe we are psychic?

We have now seen every biography of every A-List actor in Hollywood.

We know how to create dinner with nothing but ketchup and canned beans.
We are sure we could perform emergency surgery if needed.
We know more about parasites that can infect us than we ever wanted to...really.

If your teenager happens to notice you watching hours of a Brittany Spears special on something called Fuse, just remind him of a time when quality TV to him meant an episode of TeleTubbies.

Don't judge me.  That's my take on it.

What are you watching????


  1. Lol! This is why I watch so little TV. Mad Men is good. And of course the Daily Show is funny.

  2. TV is on in the summer? LOL!!

    I actually DO still watch the Food Network. That's about it. Sad but true.

  3. Well, a lot of stuff on TV might come in handy someday! I'm not actually watching anything, I've had to cut the TV habit cold-turkey. It's a procrastinators cocaine, and I'm a pretty professional procrastinator (I always get it done - at the last minute, but I always get it done!). So, no TV ever again for me, if I can help it. True, it means I miss out on things like True Blood and Glee, but I will never accidentaly get addicted to Jersey Shore. To me, that's so worth it. :D

  4. Beth! What you just said - changed my life! IF I had given up on TV...I wouldn't be addicted to Jersey Shore! That show makes me feel stupid. I must stop watching it.

    I have recently started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, starting with Season 1. I love it. It's fantastic. On TV now, I'm watching Mad Men. Other than that...I probably don't need to be watching anything. Do I really need to watch Snooki get drunk? Uh, no. Must. Kick. Habit.

  5. True Blood is excellent, but not my favorite. That top spot goes to Mad Men, with its 60s style and well-written scripts. Then there's Hung, which is pretty funny.

  6. Ok, now I definitely have to start watching Mad Men.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.