Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Must: Choices

One of the hardest lessons to learn is that often as adults, what we want to do and what we must do are two very different things. Part of being a mature adult is being able to recognize the difference and then making the right decision.

I’d rather write all day than come to my day job, but I know that’s not possible, at least not yet. So I get up every morning to do what I must and try to be reasonably competent at it. Not easy when what I’m really thinking about are alternate universes and teenagers who could knock you on your butt with a single glance. Or maybe a playground bully who finally gets what’s coming to him.

Teaching this lesson is even harder. Trying to convince a teenager that the grades they make now might influence their future is an exercise in futility. Warning them if they don’t take five minutes away from their PS3 to do their homework might result in them living at home and working at Taco Bell until they are thirty might not work…but it will make you feel better.  And you can always show them this guy:

Life is about choices. You can moan about the hard ones or get on with it. Even if we are never rewarded for making the decision to do what is right over what we want, how could we choose to do anything else?


  1. Hey, it looks great around here! And just FYI I LOVE Taco Bell! On the bright side, think of all the free meals?

  2. I'm digging the new look! I, too, make myself go into work everyday. Sigh. Even only my co-workers knew the ideas bouncing around in my head...supernatural spells...they'd probably think the cube was getting to me. But we do what we must to keep going forward!

  3. dude I hate being a mature adult sometimes. well. on the few times I try to be one anyway :-p

  4. I'd love to write full-time. But I gotta do what I gotta do.

  5. I was kind of a bum in school, but I was a smart one. I knew what not to play around with. As a foreign language teacher, I'm always mildly amused by those people who spent years failing a subject for free, only to enter the working world and end up paying to learn it, because they're company wants it.

    I'd also love to write full-time. But first I need to be better about writin part-time :)

  6. Absolutely. And if you have a job where you can sneak in a little writing time, that's even better... (Sssssh, don't tell anyone!)


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