Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday’s Word: Cuteuphoria

Cuteuphoria is the state you may find yourself in when surrounded by too much cuteness. It is especially prevalent this time of year. The symptoms are light-headedness, and uncontrollable giggling. It may sometimes be preceded by gasps of delight.

There is no cure. You must wait until it passes.

This condition is often aggravated by anything squishalicious, as are all of these children. You may experience an uncontrollable desire to squeeze them repeatedly. Please fight these feelings…unless the object of your cuteuphoria belongs to you.  Then squish away.

And that, my friends, is the Word.
On a side note, we totally went with the Bunny. Because…it’s a bunny. And a bunny costume is to a kid’s wardrobe what a little black dress is to ours. You just gotta have one. (What? Giggling uncontrollably you say? I most certainly was not.)


  1. Yeah Bunnies! These totally made my day. Adorable!

  2. Oh, that lobster one is my favorite!

  3. Japan is cutephoria all day every day. Even adult products here have anime characters on them. Plus, I'm a teacher. I teach from 3 yrs to 16 yrs. And the cuteness of a 3 yr old Japanese is nothing to scoff at.

  4. LOL. Well...I feel that way about puppies instead of babies. I've never had a baby, though, so I think I'm missing that gene.

  5. Um, where's my comment? Marsha are you deleting me??? Honest engine I said I loved the caterpillar and the lobster. Oh crap. I just remembered I did it on the ipad and I have no idea how to use that thing properly. Forgive me. I really do love the caterpillar and the lobster! I came back to show my daughter and now I'm glad I did!! Ack!


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.