Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Take: Keepin' It Real, Yo.

Hey..Couple Chronic.  Think you could set that bong down long enough to make a decent movie and quit ruining Twilight for me?  My three year old niece has turned in better performances than you. 

Stop trying to drag others down with you.  Taylor is still trying to live down being Sharkboy. 

And just what the hell is up with you anyway?

I'm starting to suspect open casting calls for these movies were made next door to this place.

Eclipse is scheduled to release on dvd in December.


  1. ..yeah I'm sooooo not buying that ;p I prefer the LOL cat version hands down anyway :)


  2. There's a LOLcat version of twilight??? This can't be anything short of brilliant.... to Google!

  3. Couple chronic--*snorts* Yeah, sadly the best thing about the movies is generally Jacob's abs. Well, that and all the jokes you get to make about the movies later.

  4. Oh, gosh. The movies are so bad!

  5. Do you post everyday? Do you just hate how lazy I am? And yes, the Betty Ford clinic has long been a great place to find the stars of tomorrow. How else would we reward self destructive behaviors?

  6. I love the Betty Ford Clinic as a place for casting calls!:D

  7. I liked Jackson Rathbourne in Last Airbender. Never mind he was playing an eskimo, or the script might be the worst written in history...

    Yay, Taylor Lautner's abs.

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  9. (Sorry, typos!)

    Hahahahaha! God I love your posts.

    I don't know why Jasper always looks constipated.


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