Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Must: Buy Special Gifts

The season of giving is upon us and I have not even started to shop yet. But it’s ok, I have a detailed list. Now I just have to actually go and purchase these items since I have waited much too late to have them shipped.

I plan to sacrifice an entire day to my list and do one marathon shopping trip. My peeps aren’t hard to buy for. Video games, NFL paraphernalia, and anything made by Little Tykes should cover it. What for me, you ask??? They all know the B&N gift card is what makes me the happiest. Of course it has taken many years of strange and sometimes scary gifts to make them understand and remember.

And in the spirit of giving and trying to find that one special gift…I give you a list of items that you probably won’t be able to pick up at your local Wal-Mart…nor want to.

A selection of Vin Diesel brand shampoo products.
A gift certificate for Hannibal Lechter's new BBQ restaurant.
Xbox 359
Fairly Serious Putty
Lil' Electrical Outlet Licker
New treasure hunt toy: You get to comb out the beard of the Men's Wearhouse Guy. I guarantee it!
The Duncan YO: It never comes back up. It teaches kids how to live with disappointment.

Happy Monday!  Like that'll ever happen.


  1. LOL! I like the Duncan Yo. Nice. I'm waiting for my gifts to arrive this week. Cutting it a little close...but I like to live on the edge!

  2. One day of shopping! I tried to do mine like that...but I had those little stragglers. I think I'm (mostly) finished.

  3. You and me both sister! My day is Friday. All prayers are welcome.

  4. Hahahahaha okay, this is what I've missed. Duncan YO... love it!

    I wonder if the Vin Diesel shampoo would work on my armpits?


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