Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday’s Word: Song-Stew

Have you ever heard a song that connected with you so strongly that it felt as if the singer was speaking directly to you? That he/she understood exactly how you felt? Not surprising since songs are really just mini-stories, pieces of flash fiction set to music. We aren’t so different, the musician and the fiction writer. I think we complement each other in the best of ways. Music inspires us when we write, and our words can inspire musicians.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to music, and there are so many different styles available, it’s impossible not to find something you enjoy (almost as many styles as there are genres).

But I hate it when someone is asked what sort of music they like and their response is…everything. It’s impossible to like everything. It’s impossible to have heard everything. I know because…I am one of those people. But what I mean is I love ‘some’ of everything.

I have angry rap days (Eminem), depressed bluesy days (Nora Jones), energetic rock-on days (Nickelback, Seether), and mellow laidback days (Train, James Blunt). 

My playlist is a swirling song-stew. I have something for every mood and some things for moods I make up. Such as ‘I hate my hair but I can't shave it off or no one will love me mood’, which is sort of a combo angry/depressed day. Those days call for drastic measures and...Rascal Flatts.

Try a bit of my song stew…I think you’ll like it.

And that, my friends, is the Word.


  1. I use Eminem for my angsty male characters. Who could replicate that kind of anger? I tell you, he's worth his weight in gold to me. lol! Thank God for my ipod where I can listen to music in secret and also any song I please over and over no matter how offense the lyrics may be.

  2. "I have angry rap days (Eminem), depressed bluesy days (Nora Jones), energetic rock-on days (Nickelback, Seether), and mellow laidback days (Train, James Blunt)." Um, are you me??

    Right now all I'm all about the pop rock girl anthems (Pink's "Raise Your Glass" and Katy Perry's "Firework") because I'm not writing and am feeling buzzy about my copy edits being done. When I'm writing, it's all moody alternative stuff (Radiohead, Velvet Underground).

    I definitely do NOT like everything. Not a fan of country or heavy metal that's too heavy.

  3. I do like a little bit of everything. If you like songs that tell stories, definitely listen to Adam Ezra Group! And see them live if you can, because Adam will intro the song by telling the WHOLE story behind the story. He's had quite a life.


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