Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Flashback: Second Thoughts/Second Guessing

We all have second thoughts or second guess our choices (like that spicy chicken sandwich for lunch, why?).  It's only natural to dream about the road not taken.  Some decisions we may find out later were the right ones, and others if we're lucky...we get a second shot at.

Deciding to write again a few years ago was definitely the right decision for me and I will continue to feel that way no matter what the future holds.

In retrospect, not starting that blog completely devoted to Damon Salvatore and calling it 'I'd Be Yo Ho' was probably the right decision too.  But I may never know.

Whatever choices you made in the past or intend to make in the future, make sure to consider the consequences and be prepared to live with them.  Try not to waste too much time reflecting on what might have been and instead concentrate on what could be.  

Until someone invents a time machine.  Then all bets are off.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. "Try not to waste too much time reflecting on what might have been and instead concentrate on what could be." NICE!

    And I would totally ready a blog titled I'D BE YO HO. Just saying...

  2. As for "I'd be yo ho" I can't say I'd be willing to support it... LOL. But during the time you waste reflecting you could be making progress towards the goal. It's hard when you do this in your spare time because nobody really has spare time anymore. You gotta pick and choose and that's the hardest part for me.

  3. That's why investing in the right decision is so important. Choose wisely.

  4. "I'd be yo ho." I can't stop giggling. I want to say it all ghetto and badass but I just can't!

    Timely post. I've spent a lot of energy on second thoughts lately, and I can't say it's doing me much good.

  5. I've always thought regrets were a waste of time. It's just spending life looking back at the past (at things we can't even change). Make a decision for what you want to do and do your best to work toward it every day.


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