Friday, January 21, 2011

Tweet Me Crazy

I have finally joined the masses of people on Twitter. My user ID is mdsigman so look me up and tweet me or whatever it is that we are supposed to be doing. I admit I do not fully understand all the ways in which to operate within the world of twittery but I don’t plan on letting that stop me.

If I’m not following you it’s because I haven’t found you yet. I swear.

But I did find you, Damon Salvatore. Or as you are now calling yourself, ‘Ian Somerhalder'.

HAHAHA (evil laughter) Like you could escape my love. Or the love of your other 500,000 followers.

The main thing I do get about Twitter is that each tweet must be within 140 characters…all I need to change the world. So tweet me crazy but I think I’m gonna like this.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I have nothing much to say on Twitter either! lol

  2. I'm so bad about updating my twitter, it's ridiculous. :) Welcome to the tweeting world!

  3. I recently joined and Twitter confused me. LOL. I'm following you...seriously...don't look behind you...

    I'm @LisaAldin

  4. I soooo want to be witty and worldly and brilliant on Twitter, but so far it hasn't happened yet.

    I'm great at retweeting other people's brilliance, though. ;)

  5. I've very bad at updating my Twitter. It kind of goes in spurts. But yes, I found Damon (um... Ian) too! LOL :)

  6. OK, I found you. I followed you! I tried to tweet you but it wouldn't work. Perhaps it was a problem with twitter? Please don't tell me you blocked me already! I'll try again later. ;)

  7. I like the new look here! I also followed you...

  8. Thanks, all of you!!! Now I don't feel so lonely out


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.