Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grammy Love/Hate

If you didn’t watch the Grammy’s Sunday night then you missed the angsty brilliance of my man, Eminem. No one could compete. Why even try? When he emerged onto the stage the crowd roared with approval and he didn’t disappoint.

We will admit to screaming like a teenager when he won Hip/Hop Album of the Year. He’s ‘Not Afraid’ to say all the things we can’t, and even if we found out tomorrow it was all a show…Marshall Mathers, we do ‘love the way you lie’ and that’s the truth.  'Call me a doctor' if you don't believe it. 

There were others we enjoyed, we do love us some Katy Perry and Rhianna puts on a great show. Nora Jones, Keith Urban, and John Mayer singing Jolene was goose bump inducing good.

Lady Gaga just frightens us at this point and we have nothing more to say about that…ok except her speech about dreaming of Whitney Houston singing ‘Born This Way’ (Madonna ‘Express Yourself’ ripoff) made us giggle…and we don’t giggle.

We don’t know who the hell Esperanza Spalding is but we are sure Bieber fans will make her life miserable for a while. Sorry, E.

The Grammy’s are nothing if not balanced and because of our extreme love of Eminem, we were prepared when the time came for…The Gwyneth.

Oh how we waited with bated breath as the multi-colored big bird guy sang his little heart out. We knew you were coming…we spotted the stairs…surely you wouldn’t chance that. Everyone knows stairs are a risk. You appeared and we let out a gasp…at least you weren’t pretending to be sweet innocent Gwynie tonight. How brave of you to chance the stairs and those shoes…oh yes.

You didn’t fall. Score one for you.

You weren’t bad. We’ll give you that. But don’t think we missed the sway and recovery incident on the piano. You dare much, Gwynie…mayhap too much.

Thank you, Grammys 2011. You were so much more fun to watch on Sunday than football.


  1. I loved the show! I'm a big Eminem fan (okay, maybe not quite as big as you, but pretty big!) and I was happy to see him win and give a tight performance and all that.

    I love Lady Gaga. I know she's polarizing so I won't try to explain why I love her, but I do. She's never boring!

    Wasn't crazy about Gwynnie. I just don't understand why she was there. Her voice is pretty, but it's also sort of bland, and it's not even her song, so I'm confused.

    Yeah, I had never heard of Esmerelda either. I'm thinking a lot of people know who she is now!

  2. Well I missed it due to time zones. I was at work. :( As a Barbadian, I hate missing anytime Rihanna's on at a big event. Oh well.

    PS, you won on my blog a million years ago. Can't even remember which book now. Email me- muchlanguage (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. im not much of a grammy-watched, to be honest, but i did watch the eminem part, and loved it. :D

  4. Why do you support Eminem? He hates your gender, shamelessly singing about killing women and calling them c*nts. Even it's only "his thoughts," you don't think that's a dangerous message to send to someone unbalanced enough to actually do it? Domestic violence should not be condoned, so I'm glad he keeps losing the big Grammys.


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