Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Anniversary Musings

What does it mean when you and your husband forget it’s your anniversary until after you both get to work and actually see what the date is?

Or your husband casually calls this guy your boyfriend when he can’t remember his name? (Timothy Olyphant)

I have now officially been married longer than I was single.

Only on this one day of the year will I get mushy and offer up these sentimental ramblings to my husband:

I don’t really mean it when I tell you I am planning on putting you in a low budget rest home while I party with the pool boy. We don’t even have a pool boy.

When I make comments about your hillbilly family and hum the banjo solo from Deliverance, it is only to make you laugh.

For all the times I make fun of you mispronouncing words, writing our grocery list in some sort of phonetic code, and your total obsession with war movies…please know it’s these little things that make me love you more.

Someone asked me the other day why we were together when on the surface it seemed we had so little in common. I told them besides both of us being stunningly hot…why the hell would I want to be with someone I had a lot in common with? How boring.

You are what I am not and it fills those empty places in my heart.

Happy Anniversary, Baby.


  1. That was sweet. He's a lucky dude.
    Having today as an anniversary is as romantic as you can get. Enjoy!

  2. It's kinda convenient having your anniversary and V-Day on the same day. One big celebration. Good idea!

    As long as you BOTH forget it's your anniversary, it's all good. It's when one remembers and the other forgets that you have problems!

  3. <3<3<3
    so. freaking. CUUUTTEEEE! ahem, yeah. also, why have you not 100 followers yet!? you totes deserve em.

  4. Um, Marsha, are you married to my husband? Because I could have TOTALLY written this post, right down the phonetically spelled out grocery list and hillbilly family. Plus I've officially been with him longer than I've been single.

    You know what I've learned, though? Hotness really does go a long way. :)

  5. Aww, lucky you! I got married on TAX DAY. Yeah. 'nuff said. Happy V day and Anniversary from one child bride to another!!!!


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