Friday, April 29, 2011

Suck It Up

Let's get real for a minute.  Most of the sucessful people we admire today were once just like us.  They had parents who made them clean their room, they went to school, and they dreamed of one day making it big doing whatever it was that made them happy. 

The difference is...they didn't give up.  They believed it would happen and they went for it.  So the next time you feel like throwing in the towel on your dreams, think of what the world would be like if these people had done the same.

 Brad Pitt before he became Angelina Jolie's wife.

 The Beatles before the bangs and Yoko.

Albert Einstein before the crazy hair and obsession with math.

 Robert DeNiro before he was cool.  Who am I kidding?  He was always cool.

 Eminem (Marshall Mathers) before he rapped his way to fame as Slim Shady.

Oh, George.  I see why your biggest dream was to be HOT.

 Madonna when she was still 'Like A Virgin'...sort of.

And my favorite.  Stephen King before he became the Master of Horror.  Isn't that Freddie Krueger's shirt?

If these people could do it, then so can we.  So suck it up and get back to work!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Oh, thank goodness George Clooney discovered a hair stylist and contact lenses. That is the worst picture ever.

    Great post. So true.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Great post, Marasha. Like you said, it can be very difficult sometimes! I like what you put under Brad Pitt - hilarious!

  3. Wow. George Clooney has come very, VERY far, indeed.

    And look how cute Stephen King was! Never thought I'd say that.

    Madonna's daughter looks just like she did in that pic.

    Where's your blast-from-the-past pic? ;)

  4. Thanks, Marsha! :) We CAN do it, because we're determined, gosh darn it! :D

  5. I'm sucking up the awesomeness of this post! *get's back to edits*

  6. How wonderfully encouraging! I loved your commentaries especially.

  7. It's so weird to think of these people as kids! Back when they were practically blank slates! And weird to think people might one day look at pictures of us and say "weird to think of these ladies as kids..."

  8. In that picture, Stephen King reminds me of that kid who banished people to the cornfield in that Twilight Zone episode. Fitting!

  9. Hey Marsha! I love your blog!! - hence new follower! I have had the best fun chuckling to myself reading through your posts! I also am a writer by night with a pesky day job consuming the throws of my potential creative genius (Im sure) I look forward to following your posts, I think I am going to really like it here :)



  10. Such a good post! Pulling up my bootstraps, sucking it up. Here we go.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)


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