Friday, May 6, 2011

FlashBack: Drive-Ins

Drive-in Movie Theaters were so much fun when I was a kid/teenager and you could count on every little country town having at least one (like sonic or walmart).  They are still around today but few and far between, the majority of people preferring stadium seating and air conditioning to lawn chairs and mosquitos. 

We would pack a cooler full of sodas and snacks, maybe even order a pizza to take with us and eat in the fresh air, since there are no rules against bringing in your own food and drinks.  If you forgot your lawn chair, the hood of your car and a blanket did just fine.
It makes me sad to think generations to come might not be able to experience the magic of movies under an enormous star filled sky.  Somehow it made the adventures on screen seem more possible.

Am I the only that misses Drive-Ins?  Have you ever been?

Have a great weekend and a happy Mother's Day!


  1. It was fun when I was a kid, because it felt like an event. My mom would load up the cooler like we were going on a picnic, and we'd all squeeze into the Buick. I think they did double features then, too. The family movie came first. After that, the kids all fell asleep, and Mom and Dad got to watch the grown-up movie in peace.

    I think we still have a drive-in around here, but it just doesn't feel the same anymore. It feels more like one of those carnivals that pulls into the mall parking lot for the weekend. Kind of shady. :P

  2. I miss drive-ins. Steve and I used to go all the time in high school and college and just sneak in food and watch three movies back to back. I loved the fresh air when we rolled the windows down and I loved that we could talk freely during the films without disrupting anyone. Most of all... I loved the dancing cartoon hot dog at the beginning of the first movie. So classic.

  3. I remember my aunt and uncle used to take my cousins and I to the drive-in. We'd get a huge blanket and throw it on the roof of the car and all of us would pile on with anything we stuffed into our little cooler. I remember when the last drive-in closed around here, it was so heartbreaking. Now it looks like an abandoned court yard. But there are so many good memories there. ;)

  4. Barbados still has a drive-in. Maybe we should make it a tourist attraction :)

  5. We have a couple of drive-ins near us, but we never go. We always talk about it but the weather is just so unpredictable around here during the decent times of year (spring and fall) and summer is SCORCHING hot.


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