Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Work Or Write?

Having a three day weekend always makes me question whether or not I would quit my day job when my writing career takes off. It would give me more time to write but that might not necessarily be a good thing.

I’m a deadline sort of person. If given too much time I procrastinate and make up excuses not to get started (Stephen King marathons on cable). But when I know a deadline is approaching, when the pressure is on, I excel. It’s when I do my best work, whether it’s my day job or writing.

Also, I get a lot of good story ideas from my crazy co-workers. Not sure I could give that up, at least not completely.  It's like having a secret identity.  And you know I like to think of myself as a super-hero.

What about you? Would you devote all your time to writing?


  1. I write full-time. (Well, I help out one day a week at my cousin's physical therapy clinic, but otherwise...) And you know what? It's hard. Hard to find the motivation on some days. And even with a lot of time to write, I'm somehow STILL constantly feeling like I don't have enough. Because I grocery shop, and workout, and clean, and cook, and go to the post office... ALWAYS have a million little things to do.

    But. In the past few months, I've really tried to take more advantage of the writing time I have. I set schedules for myself and clear my day/mind and spend hours writing. And it's awesome. So I vote for you to write full-time if you're ever able :)

  2. For me, it depends on what the job is. If it's a job I don't really love, I'd probably drop it to write full time. If it's a job I do love - I want to be an editor - than I'd keep it. :) And hug it every day. (I really want to be an editor)

  3. I think you are so right about deadlines and time-crunches making people really focus on the writing. And crazy co-workers who provide endless story fodder are a terrific bonus. Still, there's something kind of great about having all day to lollygag on a laptop in make-believe land. (Though you do have to seek out your crazies on-line. Like that's hard). :P

  4. I think that if I was a full time writer I would. Of course, not all of my time could ever be absolutely devoted to writing. There has to be someone running around the house like a crazy person! :)

  5. I already do devote all my time to writing. Which is good and bad. Good because, "Yay! I get to write all day!" and bad because, "Argh! I have to write all day!"

    I miss having a regular 9-to-5 sometimes. Mainly I miss the daily camaraderie with my coworkers. Writing can be so solitary!

  6. In NO PLOT, NO PROBLEM, Chris Baty (of nanowrimo fame) talks about how he took time to write and everything else got in the way.

    I will never write "full-time". But I don't like 9 to 5ing, and I'll take any excuse to get out of it. Even if I do get out of theday job, I'll still have a lot of other things on my plate. Part-time tour guide/translator/tutor work, school visits, random volunteering, lots of travel.

    Unless you're a hard-core introvert (in the MBTI sense) I think you need to get out of the house and be around people at some point.


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