Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tell It Tuesday

There are many bloggers who do truth posts on Tuesdays. I’m not one of them. But it is catchy and a lot of peeps seem to like it. I guess my problem is I really don’t have that many interesting truths. I have a lot of boring ones…and some that are completely inappropriate…and some that are inappropriate AND boring.

But I will tell you these truths about me:

I never lie about how long I’ve been married. Partly because I’m proud of the fact I’ve been married so long in a society that divorces as easily as changing their shirt.

I almost always lie about my age. Mainly because I feel it is every woman’s right to do so after 30 (I’m not that far past it, honestly) and partly because…it’s funny. I added years when I was younger to make myself older so it’s only fair I subtract a few now.

But I face a growing conflict between the two. As the years I’ve been married increase and my age decreases…I’m forced into a corner regarding the age I married. There are really only three categories to choose from:

Responsible Adult
Slutty Teenager
Only in Kentucky

If I stay the course…I will fall into the last category within the next five years. This is the truth I live with.

So what do you have to tell?


  1. I always tell people I'm older than I am. That way they look at me and think, "damn, she looks good for her age." If I told people I was thirty they would pity me for my bad genes.

    Now weight is a whole other issue. I always take ten pounds off when reporting on my driver's license. And I'm really only 5'5", but I tell people I'm 5'6". I don't know why.

  2. Only in Kentucky?! Bwahahahahaha!

    I don't really lie about my age - it's more that I do everything I can not to reveal it. I'm in my 30s. That's all anyone needs to know.

    I do totally lie about my weight. If you ask me and I lie to you, well, you deserve it, because you shouldn't be asking in the first in place!

    But I will happily tell you that this is not my natural hair color. I've changed it so many times since I was 15, nobody would believe me, anyway.

  3. hilarious! Especially the last one. That's fantastic that you've been married for a long time. Believe me, nobody wants to divorce, despite how casual they may try and make it seem. Divorce is usually very painful. Good for you guys, and may you have many happy more years.

  4. Ive been lying about my age so long, i forgot how old i really am. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa

  5. Yeah, child bride here who totally knows the rules of this game.

  6. CUTE. You know, I've never thought to lie about either. I just say I'm 40 when people ask. My mom has a point...if you tell people you're OLDER than you are, they'll say, "Wow, you look GREAT for your age!"

  7. *Snicker*

    I don't hide my age. I'm proud of it and all I've done.


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