Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your Voice

In writing there is always a lot of talk about voice. Finding your voice, developing your voice, making sure your writing reflects your voice. Some people get this concept right off the bat and it emerges without any difficulty at all.

But what about those who’ve been ignoring their voice for so long they’re not sure it’s still speaking to them?

I think your ‘writing voice’ hides most of the time. It’s the one you silence during polite conversation so you don’t appear rude or worse…crazy. It is the uncivilized part we keep gagged…except for when we start tapping on those keys.

Then it speaks of murder and magic, swords and heroes, or maybe even unicorns and rainbows.  Whatever.

My inner voice is an angry teenager. I’m not sure why. Maybe it's because I don't listen when she says ditching everything to live in a hut on the Scottish coast is a good idea, or maybe it's because I’ve kept her silent when she wanted to rage against the unfairness of 5:00am wakeup calls or a boss who doesn’t recognize Halloween as a legitimate holiday…or maybe she’s just a bitch. But she’s the one I let write, at least for now.

Your voice is there…you just have to listen.


  1. Is she from your new WIP? SOUNDS AWESOME!

  2. Not many unicorns or rainbows inside of this writer. Lately it's poison and murder and treachery. :)

    And, hey, my MC is living on the coast of Scotland at the moment. Your angry teenager should come over and say hi. They can go spray paint building or start a rebellion against the government or something.

  3. I'd settle for the south coast of Ireland. As long as there is a coffee machine.

  4. I'm glad my writing voices hides itself when I'm not at the keyboard . . . I'm sure I'd come off as pretty weird if it didn't. :P

  5. Ooh! I think my voice belongs to an angry teenager as well. I tell myself it's because I am a professional and I am channelling my character, but really I think it's because I am still mentally fifteen-years-old and everything I've done since then has been faked. Drivers licence, mortgage, job -- I have no idea what the hell I'm doing! I just smile and nod when people talk about superannuation. Meanwhile, in my head, my teenage voice is saying rude things about them.

  6. My angry teen voice should hang out with your angry seen voice some time. :D

  7. I love that your voice is "angry teen". So when you WERE an angry teen, was your voice "funny, super-supportive friend, grown-up"?

    I think my voice alternates between super flawed female and super twisted villain. Then again, there's not much difference between the two of them.

  8. Love this. I used to ignore my inner voice until she kicked my butt into submission. :-)Embrace your angry teen voice!


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.