Monday, September 19, 2011

Chicken and Clowns

I fully believe all dreams mean something.  Maybe not all of them are bestselling novel ideas (still bitter, Stephenie, still bitter) but our brains never really shut off even when we sleep and I think dreams are a side-effect of our subconscious struggling to work out a backlog of issues. 

I dreamed last night a KFC was built next door to our house.  I discovered it while taking out the trash and it was so close I could touch it from my kitchen window.  They even put some KFC signs on our house too.
I'm pretty sure this means I was seriously jonesing for some crispy fried goodness.

At nearly the same time, my husband was dreaming of desperately fighting off a killer clown intent on molesting some way.  It wasn't Ronald McDonald so it's safe to assume he wasn't craving a Big Mac.  We are just going to chalk that one up to random man craziness and let it go.  Mainly because I've given up trying to make any sense of him awake or asleep.

Have you ever had any really disturbing, unexplainable dreams? 

Let me analyze them for you.


  1. I've super strange dreams. I once dreamed about a robot dog named peanut butter. LOL.

  2. Dreaming of fried chicken? I would totally act on that impulse and go buy a bucket the next day.

    My dreams are always about being trapped inside a building and then I get out and drive like a crazy woman down a winding mountain road. Seriously, I dream a different version of it almost every night. Sometimes I wake up just as the car goes over the cliff. Unlike chicken, I do not wish to act on this impulse when I wake.

  3. I was batman in a mall, chilling on the balcony outside of a lingerie store. I still don't understand.
    OR that dream where I had to save the world from Voldemort by flying on dragons and dropping cannon balls.

  4. I think your subconscious is telling you to buy a KFC franchise.

    I had a disturbing dream last week. Well, a nightmare, really. Woke up and jotted it all down. It may turn into a story someday, who knows...

  5. If you have dreams about KFC don't ever try Maryland Fried Chicken, or you will never again be capable of a complete night's sleep without images of golden poultry skin dancing in your head.

    Anyway, my dream: For most of my childhood I attended a church that tended to serve copious amounts of "hellfire," with a generous side of "brimstone." One night I had what I thought was a vision of the end of the Earth. Trumpets blared, the seventh seal was broken, and the very ground vibrated with terror of God's wrath. I could not move, nor speak, nor close my eyes from the glare. I could only lie and await the cleansing flame.

    Then I woke up and realized my body was arched upward in bed and a helicopter was circling our neighborhood, probably looking for a midnight chicken thief. Admittedly, this is not a difficult dream to interpret, but it was about as disturbing as any I can remember that would fit into a blog comment :)

  6. I learned how to whitewater surf on a Whapper once with Sinbad (the comedian) and Danny Devito.

  7. By the way, I gave you the Liebster Award over on my site:

    Please forgive me if you've received it before :)

  8. Nazi storm troopers were attacking my grade school, and all I had to fight them off with was a giant gobstopper in a plastic bag.


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