Friday, September 16, 2011

Know Thyself

I'm going to share a secret...

I love bad guys.  Even when I was a kid, Prince Charming seemed sort of boring.  I want my villains to be horrifically evil and my heroes to be...just a little bad.  Not shoving old ladies into the street bad but conflicted at the very least.

Case in point:

This guy was boring, wimpy and not interesting at all.

And this guy was seriously hot...uh I mean interesting.

The same with these guys:

And now they've flipped.  Even recognizing this does not stop my feelings from rolling over to whoever is currently bad.  And that is due to some seriously brilliant writing.
I used to think this bad guy fascination might be a character flaw but I've accepted who I am.  Even the shallow parts.  The real culprit is good characterization and if you want your story to be great, this is a necessary element. 

So don't feel bad if you enjoy shallow movies who show bad guys with their shirts off most of the's just research.


  1. Must be "post-a-hunk" Friday. :)

    You are so right, the bad guys are always more interesting it seems. Actors often say those are the best parts to play too. But I draw the line at blood dripping down the chin. Hard to find that attractive. :P

  2. I keep forgetting to watch The Vampire Diaries! So the good guy is now bad and the bad guy is now good? I MUST CATCH UP!

  3. Ah, Eric! So very, very...interesting! Although, as LG points out, a messy eater.

  4. Lol, I'm like the only one in my group of friends who never falls for the "bad boys" (though I enjoy reading about any well written character, I just always like the prince charming's better) so you're not alone.

  5. I'm so with you.... Eric wins hands down over Bill.... :)

  6. Nothing wrong with a little man candy!

    That Sookie! Bill, Eric, AND Alcide? Come on now. Even in fictional worlds full of supernaturals, that's just not fair. If she doesn't want the werewolf, I'll happily take him.


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