Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Voted Most Popular

As a parent you’re not even in the race.  It's sort of like a computer...just about the time you think you know everything, the software changes.  But being a parent should not be a popularity contest.

As a writer getting a chance in the ring is hard enough, but with persistence and hard work, we can all have a shot at the future title.  Let me warn you though, there will still be those who bet against you.

As a person...well one of the lessons learned as you get older is that you cannot make everyone like you.  So when this happens, I wonder briefly what is wrong with such a person and then dismiss it.

My point, and I'm not entirely sure there is one because it's Wednesday and my morning caffeine fix wore off long ago, is that maybe you won't ever be voted most popular in life...but who the hell really cares anyway?

Love your family, they can either love you back or learn to do their own laundry. 
Cherish the friends you have (that includes blogger ones).
Never give up on your dreams...and be happy.


  1. Eye on the prize, Marsha. Never give up! Never surrender! *shakes fist for added emphasis*

  2. Exactly. In the words of my most wise mother 'Life isn't a popularity contest'. Of course that was way back when I was trying to fit in at school, but it still holds true. =o)

  3. There will always be people competing against you. As a writer, we must all be a little off to attempt to break into the market, but we do it anyway. The elusive dream will always be there. It'll be impossible if you give up.

    You just reminded me to make more coffee.


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