Monday, September 12, 2011

Mondays Suck

You know it's true. 

I’ve been in a holding pattern when it comes to my writing lately. One of those rare breaks where the first draft of my latest manuscript is stewing on a flash drive and I’m mulling over possibilities.

Then last night I had an epiphany about my story while watching what could possibly be one of the worst ghost/haunting movies I have ever seen.

We cannot write in a vacuum. Outside stimulation is absolutely necessary in order to jumpstart the creative flow. It’s like when you’re trying really hard to remember something but can’t and then once you stop trying…it comes to you. I clearly saw what my manuscript was missing and got back to work.

Still riding the high from that, I came into work this morning to read this headline:
Andy Whitfield, 39, dies of lymphoma

This is Andy:

And this is Andy:

He was the star of the hit series Spartacus, on Starz. It was on for one heart pounding, incredible season and then filming was delayed when he was diagnosed with cancer. After a few months, he went into remission and began filming again only to discover the cancer had come back. He bowed out of the series which they then delayed another year until this January.

He leaves behind a wife and two small children. Not to mention a score of devastated fans who may not have known him personally but loved him nonetheless.

Thank you, Andy. For making me cry, and cheer, and want to kick ass beside you.

You’ll always be Spartacus to me.


  1. Mondays can suck. Sorry to hear.

  2. He was my muse, the inspiration behind the main character in my book. I am personally devastated and very sad for his wife and children. And no one will ever be able to take his place on the show. RIP, Andy.

  3. Yes, Mondays suck hardcore. I'm totally with you on this.

  4. Yes, Mondays suck. Tuesday also suck. So I've got tomorrow to look forward to as well.

  5. I tolally hate it that cuty patooty Spartacus died (lambchop I never had). He was a brave and admirable man and will be missed by many.

  6. That news just sucked. I always thought he might recover somehow. So sad to see someone so young and talented die like that.

    But yay on your breakthrough. You're right, I love to watch movies and be inspired.

  7. I had heard he was sick, didn't know he passed. Sorry. :(

  8. So sad. I was shocked to hear this, because like L.G. I really thought he'd get better. Just so, so sad.

  9. I saw that news and my heart broke--he was so young, and so loved by so many :(.

    You're right. Mondays do suck.

  10. I seriously cannot believe I wasn't following you! I'm an idiot. I feel like I know you so well!

    Oh well, at least I've fixed it now.

    As to your post: wow. That sucks! I really enjoyed Spartacus. It was such an orgy of blood, violence, and nudity. So sad for such an apparently healthy man to die so young.

  11. Having been in Japan for the entire duration of the series, I was completely untouched by Andy Whitfield. Until he died, and then he was in all my friend's facebook statuses. I'm amazed at what an effect he had on so many people.

    One can only hope to be that well-loved. RIP.


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