Monday, November 7, 2011

Rock-a-bye Book Baby

Photograph by Kate Reali Photography

The two most important things in my life, being a mother and being a writer actually have more similarities than you might think.

The first few months after you have given birth to your baby or story idea everything is a little messy. They are long periods of sleep filled boredom and the smell of poop becomes alarmingly familiar, as well as the overwhelming stench of vomit. But you love them so you press on, knowing this is only a stage.

But after a little (or a lot of) repetition, it all begins to slide into place.

There will still be difficult periods when they are being stubborn and not listening to you. When the things they say don’t make sense and you begin to wonder if you should just start over…but you’ve put too much into them now(and in the case of a baby this might actually be a little harsh).

Many things will influence them over time, a teacher or an agent’s ideas, a coach or an editor’s criticisms. These things will play a part in shaping who and what your baby/book becomes as they grow. You may think you barely recognize at times but this is an illusion.  They never stop being a part of you, their mother/creator.

Eventually the day will come when you have to set them free, the baby and the book. You have to hope you covered the basics, set them on the right path, and believe you added enough beauty in the heart of both that other people will one day love them almost as much as you do.

And that your husband’s influence doesn’t ruin the whole damn thing.


  1. Damn those husbands!

    Where's my beer?

  2. bahahaha that last line just KILLED it :)

    You're right though, there are so many similarities because really, our babies and our books are two of the things we care most about and put the MOST work into, so it makes sense that we'd go through similar stages with them! (Says the girl without a baby... But I can imagine!)

  3. So that's why my adolescent novel keeps slamming the door in my face and telling me it hates me. :P

  4. There's nothing worse than when I'm creating my masterpiece and my wife comes home and insists on playing Farmville!

    I suppose her not coming home to pester me is worse. :)

  5. Cute notion. Yes allowing one's baby to mature and go out into the world is the exact analogy! good luck.

  6. I touch of ruin can be a good thing.

  7. This is beautiful. And that last line. You're a master.

  8. Hi, I enjoy sharing info and art with fellow bloggers and I don't mind my photography being used in a well intended post but as a courtesy I ask that I be given credit. If you are not comfortable with posting a link to my site I would ask that photo to be removed, thank you.


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