Monday, November 21, 2011

Thank You, and You, and You

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for our blessings...even though as a child I thought it had something to do with celebrating turkeys.  Whatever you believe, it's a recognized holiday and I don't have to work. 

So I am spending this week with my family and stuffing myself until I can barely walk, then waiting a few hours before doing it all over again.  Why exactly do most of our holidays involve eating?

I'll be back next week or sooner if I just can't stand to be unplugged for that long but before I go I just want to say...thank you. 

To every friend I've made online, to each person who comments and to those who just lurk, to all the aspiring writers who struggle with me every day, and to those who've made it but haven't forgotten a second of what it was like. Thank you.  For all your support, for every single time you make me laugh, and even for those times you make me cry. 

Thank you.

And remember:

This is how pumpkin pies are really made.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


  1. Could have done without the pumpkin pie expose...I have to eat that stuff this week you know. :P

    Enjoy your time off and have a great Turkey Day.*

    *this comment brought to you by the makers of Depends, whose sales have tripled since I found your blog. :)

  2. Some of my best friend are those I only know from online. You're welcome. Enjoy your day Marsha.

  3. which is why I eat pecan - with hard sauce please.

  4. Enjoy being unplugged. Have fun with your family. And try not to eat too much. We'll be here when you get back.

    And thanks to you for being here. I know I don't comment that often, but I really enjoy your blog. =o)

  5. Haha :) That pumpkin pick made my day! Love it. And thanks to you as well, for being awesome and hilarious and wise. Have a wonderful week!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  6. HAHA! How pumpkin pie is really made... not a fan of pumpkin pie, so that's hilarious.

    In my family, we celebrate everything with food. We also mourn everything with food. That's why we're all skinniest when nothing of note is happening.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy not working! You've earned it.

  7. Pumpkin pies have been ruined for all eternity. How will I survive now, alone and hungry and weeping in the outer dark?

  8. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

    Just wanted to thank you for participating in my debut celebration. I'll be announcing the results of the underwater war soon! :)

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