Monday, December 5, 2011

Serve and Deliver

Being a lover of words has its side effects. It’s not just about the choice of words but the way in which they are served and delivered that I love. Accents and idioms from all cultures delight me. Sometimes it’s all about the flavor.

This makes me one of those people who can pick up an accent without being consciously aware of it (Madonna?). If I’m around someone for an extended period of time I tend to copy their pronunciations, even their manner of speaking to some degree. But aren’t we all a little prone to this at times?

The problem is this also happens if I immerse myself too deeply in the works of a particular author, especially if that author has a very distinctive voice.

So thank you, J.R. Ward, for making me sound like a 200lb vampire biker for the last week. Ya feel me? True.

It’s going over really well at the office and I’ve noticed my children are behaving much better than usual.


  1. Today would have been a great day to launch a V-log. I would have paid money to see you talk like a 200lb vampire biker. :)

  2. Bahahaha--JR Ward does the same thing to me. It's unavoidable! :)

  3. I tend to absorb accents more quickly than what is polite. Next thing you know, I'm speaking with an Indian/Jamaican/Chinese accent because that's how the person I'm talking to sounds! I don't even do it consciously.

    Just wait till you and I talk...

  4. I'd joke about your accent, but I don't dare.

  5. I have to stop watching those Lady Gaga videos, apparently.

  6. DItto for me and accents. After living next to a Texan, 2 New Mexicans, 2 Tennessee-ans, and a South Carolinan in the last 4 years, I talk like I just rolled out the Deep South half the time. Weird considering I grew up in Barbados and live in Japan.

  7. hahaha your children are more intimidated by a 200lb vampire than their mother? something's not right with that.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.