Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Insecure Writers: DareDreams

We all have those negative insecure thoughts swirling through our minds from time to time.

Everything I write is crap on a cracker.
My next door neighbor may be a serial killer.
I’m going to be in menopause before I’m published.
College is just going to be a stepping stone for my son’s long career at Taco Bell.
I will never be the sort of writer who changes the world.
The mailman may be a serial killer.

I’m going to share a secret with you. When these thoughts occur to me I play a little game called DareDreams. Which is basically daydreams only these are so big not many people dare to have them. Get it?

One of my favorite DareDreams is being interviewed by Matt Lauer for my bestselling, life altering debut novel. He tells me J.K. Rowling has vowed to never write again after reading my work and falling into a deep depression over not being able to compete. Anne Curry declares me her new best friend and wants to hang out after the show. I let her down easy.

I also like to dream of all the contests I will hold for peeps to win a copy of my new book. Maybe whoever leaves the best comment about my hair…?

You can let your mind bully you into thinking you will never be good enough. You can let it push you around, shove you in a locker, and eat your lunch. Or you can fight back, refuse to be beaten, and feed it just enough crazy to keep it confused.

You know what I choose to do.

Sometimes I totally feel like this dude.

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  1. Haha, that's hilarious, and yet very good advice! I'm going to try and come up with an awesome daredream now :)

  2. Dream big or go home! I'm older than you, so I always imagine Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer interviewing me. :P

    You crack me up. And if that guy can go from SNL to the senate so can we...only in publishing. You know what I mean. :)

  3. Yups.

    It's hard to find a balance as a writer. Sometimes I'm so insecure, I just want to hide in the folds of my blank-y dearest. Other tims I'm so cocksure, my thoughts alone are weapons of mass destruction.

  4. I used to dream that Oprah would interview me...sigh.

  5. usually when I dare to dream big, I end up going "omg that'll never happen UGH." then I'm just more insecure :| wah-wah-wah

  6. MSHatch - that was my DareDream, too.

    Oprah would reach over and pat my hand and say, "This moved me, deeply, and you have helped millions with your words." And then we'd cry and hug and I'd go home and watch my royalties rise like bread dough in the sun.

    I love Stuart. And may I say that your hair makes you an attractive person who's fun to be with and deserves good things.

  7. lol... Have i told you how hot your hair is??
    I think we have to let ourselves dream big or else we don't get motivated. Plus, it's just fun. and prolly why I love writing fiction so much. :)

  8. @ MSHatch and maine character, you're not dreaming big enough!

    Oprah: "Jen, your book meant so much to me that I had to come out of retirement and do a whole other season of my show, just to tell people about this on my Bookclub. Your wisdom and grace of spirit make Gandhi seem petty. Also, congratulations on your marriage to the Old Spice Guy, and do you enjoy living in space?"

    That's how to DareDream.

    BTW Marsha, your hair looks great! Have you done something new? Let's be friends.

  9. That's good advice. I daredream a little. Things like imagining my book made into a movie mostly.

  10. You just never know who might be a serial killer... MARSHA.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.