Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I did on My Chistmas Vacation

Ate and Read.  That's pretty much it.  You don't want to hear about shopping nightmares, a frenzied Christmas morning, washing stacks of dishes every few hours, or the fact that toward the end my cleaning consisted of scooting toys into a big pile in the corner with my foot.

I ate and read.  I also took a day to write but it wasn't easy after finishing this trilogy.

I can't tell you about it.  I wouldn't be able to do it justice.  Just read it and know that for a few days afterward everything you write will sound like sh** in comparison.  Get over it.  You don't want to be the next Suzanne Collins.  You want to be the next you. 

So, what did you do on your Christmas Vacation?  Anything exciting?  Tell me so I can live vicariously through your adventures.


  1. I loved that series! I even got my husband to read them, so when the movie comes out next spring we'll both actually want to see it. (That rarely happens in this house!)

  2. In no particular order; ate, drank, slept, argued, lost sleep, wrote, listened to music, watched a movie or two, blogged, tweeted, and wondered...

    I wondered why I never made any goals for 2011.

  3. That was smart waiting to read the trilogy in one sitting, especially for someone like you who can read a novel in one night. You have amazing Ninja reading skills.

    Did you like how Mockingjay ended? I was one of the ones who was really pissed at how she wrapped it up. Still loved it, but thought she should have gone in a different direction.

  4. On one hand, I hate that I waited so long to read such an incredible story but I am glad I didn't have to wait a year between books!

    L.G., as for the ending...hated the Prim part but I was ok with the other choices she made. But damn, it was seriously depressing! Last line was a killer though. 'There are worse games to play', pretty sure I will never forget that line.

  5. I was super excited after the first two books and couldn't wait to read Mockingjay. And then I wanted to throw Mockingjay at the wall when I finished. Seriously depressing is right. :shrug:

    Still, I totally get what you mean about reading a book and then feeling like I can never ever write that good. Mira Grant's Feed did that to me. Bloody brilliant, imo. (I'm not British, but that's the best way to describe it.) But then, after I got over the whole 'I'm not worthy' thing, it inspired me to write better. I might not ever reach that level of awesome, but I can try. =o)


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