Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Insecure Writers: Playing with Power

Words are powerful.  Maybe more so than the average person realizes.  They can lift us up or bring us crashing down.  They can ignite a generation, change a belief system, and make dreams come true.

They can also crush and conquer, damage and destroy those very same things.  Even if your goal is to write for entertainment purposes only (as mine is) you still have to understand that your words will have an impact.  They will have the power to affect those who read them.  Maybe that won't be very many.  Or maybe it will be millions.  It's not be taken lightly.  And sometimes the thought of this scares me a little.

Words can hurt or heal.  Which do you want your words to do?

With great power comes great responsibility.  Be prepared.  Don't play with it.

And yeah, I totally stole that line from Spiderman.  Still true.

This post is part of The Insecure Writer's Support Group, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh.



  1. Oh, that picture is so sad. And you are right, words are powerful things. Parents, especially, need to be aware of their words. Whenever I hear someone berating their child in public I just die inside a little for that kid. Discipline is one thing, but crushing a psyche with hurtful words is just the lowest, saddest thing.

    And I agree. Writers have the ability to change the world with their words.

  2. Uncle Ben was like a really tall Yoda.

  3. That picture reminds me of Howard Stern; that is, what he claims his father repeatedly told him as a kid: "I told you not to be stupid, you moron."

    You and Spidey are right. Words can hurt. I'm lucky in that I can't remember a single instance where my parents spoke like that to me. I'm nuts for totally different reasons.

  4. Excellent advice. Hey, sometimes Spiderman has wisdom.

  5. Now that Spiderman song is stuck in my head...

    I hope my words inspire. That's always my intention. Our intent gets reinterpreted by who reads them though, and sometimes come up with unexpected meaning. I don't think we can ever account for that. But yes, we should be aware our words carry power.

  6. Great post, good question. In the whole scheme of things I hope the words I write "intrigue and inspire" my readers. Since my book is a supernatural thriller, it's unlikely I will accomplish my goal, but who knows, maybe one person may be touched by something in my story.

  7. So true. It's amazing how many years back you can remember exactly what someone said to put you down. I once read that when you're insulted, it lights up the same areas of your brain as a physical wound. It hurts the same.

  8. That picture is incredibly powerful.

    Whoever came up with that "sticks and stones" thing wasn't paying attention. Like MC says, it's amazing how some words can stay with you for years. The trick is making sure it's not just the bad ones.

  9. I love that line :D
    I so agree, I want to heal, write beautiful things, offer hope. Then I want to surprise people, too... mmh, intriguing question~

    Happy New Year to you n' yours~

  10. Great post, Marsha, and so true. Honestly, even though I also write mainly for entertainment purposes, if I didn't believe words had the power to hurt and heal, I wouldn't write. What's the point? I also think that sometimes words need to hurt, but it should never be done carelessly. :)

  11. Short and to the point - and a very good point!
    And it's cool - I stole that line for my Monday post on you can't reach a thousand followers by being a jerk. It just fits so well.

  12. Words are indeed powerful! Which is why I hang out at your blog - your words make me laugh, ponder, and feel inspired. :)


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