Friday, January 6, 2012

More Random Very Short Letters

Dear strangers at my door,
Go away! I don't want to be a Jehovah's Witness! Oh wait, are those Girl Scout cookies??
Sincerely, I'll take 50 boxes please.

Dear Skinny Jean Wearing Boys,
Too... tight... can't... breath... world... caving... in... around... us...
Sincerely, Your Balls.

Dear parents,
Please stop acting like school is so easy and work is so hard.
Sincerely, at least you get paid...

Dear crayons,
I want you inside me.
Sincerely, Lines.

Dear Walt Disney,
Thanks for teaching little girls that everyone has a prince charming and a happily ever after.
Sincerely, where the hell is mine?

Dear verification code,
Can't you just take my word that I'm human?
Sincerely, WTF does that say?

Dear 2012,
We thought you would have flying cars and robots by now, but congrats on the backwards robes and rubber bands shaped like animals.
Sincerely, 1950.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Hahahahaha! Hilarious. My favorite is the crayons. Didn't know where that one was going. GENIUS.

  2. What Jennifer said: Hahahahaha. No really, I laughed out loud just the way it's spelled. :))

  3. My kids have those rubber bands, and frankly I can't tell what the hell they're shaped like.

  4. My word! The skinny jeans! *tears*

  5. Dear Balls,
    If you think those skinny jeans are tight, you should try the rubber bands.
    Sincerely, Walt Disney

  6. Too bad 2012 isn't like that . . . sigh!

  7. bahahahah--I was just squinting at a verification code, asking myself WTF it wanted me to type. I even listened to the audio clip they had of it, and it sounded like H-2-blughsmugblahahahnoshlaksjdflkj.

    grrr. I be humans. I promises.

  8. Popped in for a look-see into the world of Marsha.

    *Dear Skinny Jean Wearing Boys*
    Loud Ugly Cry escaped over this one! Scared the life out of my dogs!

    Cannot wait to read more of you!


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