Monday, February 27, 2012


These are just some of the titles to story ideas I've seriously considered writing:

Poop in Your Hair and Pee on Your Shoes: Potty Training Nightmares.

We Ain't The Brady Bunch: Tales of a Frustrated Step-Parent.

Did you get my text, God? It's Me, Marsha.

Still Married: How to reassure your spouse after being caught licking a picture of Ian Somerhalder on your computer screen.

Oral Fixations: Why licking your computer screen is not sanitary.

Am I a Cougar? (Dealing with self loathing after realizing you were harmlessly flirting with someone 17 years younger).

Writing For Sanity. (no subtitle needed)

The Hidden Rage of Suburban Housewives: Why you should never delete taped episodes of Vampire Diaries to record college basketball.  Bonus insert-Top ten best places to hide until the screaming stops.

Is My Ass Fat?-Knowing When to Lie. (Sequel to 'Still Married')

Teen Wars: Why leaving pamphlets for private christian schools lying around is a must.

Hold My Banjo-A tourist guide through the deep south.

What is the craziest subject you could write about?


  1. What's the craziest subject I could write about? Well, I have this friend in Texas who is insane! She's trapped in suburbia, surrounded by banjo playing men seventeen years her junior who look nothing like Ian Somerhalder (though they know better than to tape over her Vampire Diaries episodes if they want to live).

    And, ewww, go wash your computer screen. :P

  2. nothing that can compare to your titles! lol

  3. Blogging: Why am I still awake at this time of night?

  4. Cougars Who Make Me Laugh: This Marsha is No Brady

  5. ROFL

    Biting My Tongue Clean Off: How I Survive Small-Town Life by Keeping My Thoughts to Myself. ;o)

  6. I have tears in my eyes!

    "That's Not Chocolate": Why You Should Never Eat Anything Brown You Find in a House Where There are Pets or Children.

  7. I read this entry as "titties, titties, titties." I thought your blog had taken a whole new turn!

    "Is yours bigger than mine? How Japanese men view their foreign counterparts" :)


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