Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beta This!

Due to technical difficulties I have not been able to post this week until now. Thanks, Blogger.  I have since discovered it was a hostage ploy to upgrade to the new Google Chrome.  If you comply, then all your posts will magically reappear...

But back to the topic of the day.

I cannot stress how important Beta readers are.  Or Alpha readers.  Or whatever you want to call those incredible peeps who even though they have not given birth to you, sleep in the same bed, or depend on you for a weekly allowance...are still willing to read the words that spill from your fingers.

I want to say thank you. Thank you.  For spotting plot holes, grammar mistakes, and just general craziness that seemed like a good idea in the middle of the night after two pots of coffee and huge pile of leftover Christmas candy.

If you don't have someone like this already, Get Thee One Immediately.

This chick is my first choice.

She reads really fast and seems so perky.  I like that.


  1. That baby's laughter is contagious.

    And (just between us) let's call those first readers Alpha Beta goddesses. Has a nice ring to it, right? ;)

  2. Heh, I gave birth to my first reader. It took a long time to get her to the point where she could provide useful suggestions, critique my stuff without cringing, and knew enough English to proofread, but it was worth it. ;o)

  3. My beta reader and I just broke up. Is it appropriate to take sample chapters out on first dates?

  4. I'm in a search for a new beta reader also. Someone who knows commas better than I do in my ignorant bliss.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.