Friday, March 23, 2012

The 3 P's of Publishing

Thoughts of publishing usually evoke this image in my mind.

But theories are free and everyone has one so why not me? Besides I need to have a secret formula for that Today Show interview in the future. Bring it on, Matt Lauer…bring it on.

Practice: Some of us have more than one manuscript hidden in a drawer or gathering virtual cobwebs on an obsolete flash drive. While other’s concentrate for years on one story, a masterpiece, the Moby Dick of a new generation. I’m of the school of thought that practice makes perfect so I’m currently editing my fourth. And I know this one is far better than my first attempt. I believe even those who have spent countless months on one story should take a break. Shelve the masterpiece if only for a short time to write something completely different. Stretch yourself and practice your craft. You might gain a whole new perspective on your ‘white whale’.

Persevere: We live in a time where people find it all too easy to give up on their dreams. But every story we hear from those who have gone before us and had their work published have one thing in common. Despite multiple rejections, they never gave up. And I believe if there is a magic ingredient to the stew of success it is pushing forward. Never Surrender.

Pray: It can’t hurt, whether you want to go the traditional route on your knees, promising to give half your earnings to build bridges in Uganda or the slightly unorthodox way of dancing naked in your backyard under the light of a full moon.

Ok, the latter might not actually be part of a prayer ritual but it still makes for a fun Saturday night.

Does anyone have anything to add? Maybe some nugget of advice all of us aspiring writers need to hear? And if it starts with a ‘P’ even better.


  1. You perfectly professed your position. Here's my plus one.

    Participate: It's important to stay involved in the writing community and to keep current on agents and editors and what they're acquiring...especially if traditional publishing is what you're after. If self-pubbing, I'd say it's even more important to stay connected with other writers. Gotta have that support.

  2. I thought #2 was Perverse. Which, from looking at the bestseller list lately, certainly seems accurate.

    But yes, persevere. Just the other day I read this from George V. Higgins:

    “The success of The Friends of Eddie Coyle was termed ‘overnight’ in some quarters; that was one hell of a damned long night, lasting seventeen years...”

    During those years, he wrote fourteen novels.

    And your moonlit dances are yet another reason I need to join a writer's group. :-)

  3. I concur on the first two counts. The third has not helped - yet :)

    oh, and I agree with LG.

  4. I like your point about practice!

    And LOL at the picture of that cat and the Rubik's cube.

  5. I definitely agree you need to write more to write better. And I can't think of a single word being with P!


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