Monday, May 21, 2012

The Right Not to Write

The designated topic today on the Blog Me Maybe Blogfest is Writing.  But what I'd like to talk about is not writing.

Everyone needs breaks in this business, a little time to step back and evaluate, maybe recharge the brain before it commences full blown self destruct protocol.  But we don't usually say this out loud.  Even the advice we give to someone submitting a project is to begin another...immediately.  It takes your mind off things, it makes the wait easier.  Really?  Because I'm not sure anything makes the wait easier.

I have a list of projects I could start but I am reluctant to dive back in just yet.  My head is still in the last world I created, that is when I'm not negotiating peace during epic Nerf gunfights, hiding my car keys from adventurous teens, prying smooshed gummy bears out of the carpet, or explaining one more time why only Mommy's can eat cupcakes for breakfast. Not to mention handling the day job.

But who says I have to jump back in just yet?  I've been pushing myself quite a bit over the last year and I claim the right not to write.  At least for a couple of weeks.  I can take it easy, carefully choose my next project, maybe re-watch the entire season of Vampire Diaries (come on, like you don't still have them all on the dvr), hang out at the pool, and READ.

So tell me, do you ever exercise your right not to write?  And do you feel as guilty as I do?


  1. I had a terrible time after I finished my last novel. I sort of went through a grieving process when it was over. I spent a month or so trying to figure out what to write next, but my heart just wasn't in it until I decided to go back and write the prequel. I don't know, I think maybe I just wasn't done telling the story. All I know is I wasn't quite ready to move on to something else yet.

  2. no. I never do. Unless I'm on vacation.

  3. Yes, but I don't feel guilty about not writing. In the future when I'm in a world of deadlines, perhaps then I'll feel a little guilt.

    I have music as another creative outlet so I'm always productive somewhere. That's where my focus has been for the past two months. I was also a bit burned out by blogging. It took up too much time.

    Just last night I revisited a WIP I set aside last year. I had forgotten most of it and I was genuinely surprised at some of the twists I created. It pays to step away for a while. Y'know, fresh eyes and all.

  4. OMFG, what happened? You made me post a serious comment. Damn you Marsha!

    A piece of string walks into a bar...

  5. I never exercise the right not to write, instead I feel guilty. I'm in the process of feeling guilty right now, but maybe I shouldn't. You've given me a different way of thinking about it, so thank you!

  6. Yeah, I'm glad you posted this because I think I just took the longest writing break I've ever taken (about three weeks). I told myself I'd take a week off for finals and exams, but then friends and family and TV shows just seemed too interesting to break away from. I started back this Monday. So if I did feel guilty, I don't anymore! Thanks :)

  7. I'm posting a link to this on my blog. I hope you don't mind (if you do, let me know, and I'll remove it). Thanks again!


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