Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inspired Yet?

Let's talk about what inspires you.

Is it this song?

Or maybe this guy?


 I'm seriously loving Neil Gaiman right now.

Come on...tell me what lifts you up and make you want to change the world.


  1. I did a tour in a Mental Institution, (not as a patient, oh haha ;) and ever since, I have always been inspired/interested in the potential for human emotion found there.

    People have such a wide range from both the patients and the staff. Its amazing.

  2. Great speech by Gaiman. Stephen King gave similar advice about how he never wrote with money as a motivator.

    I'm strangely motivated and inspired by injustice and inequality. It motivates me to write about setting things straight again, at least fictionally. :)

  3. I loved watching that speech! Definitely inspiring.

  4. Make good art—such great advice.

  5. Music gets me going. But Mr. Gaiman's speech is excellent. I am seriously liking him also!

  6. Not THAT particular music, but music always gets me going. I can't write without it.

    Also, Gaiman is awesome, and that speech makes me want to hunker down and write like my arm is on fire.

  7. Wow thanks for posting that speech. It gave me all kinds of chills. I'm gonna save that for whenever writing has me down. Just awesome.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.