Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tickle Me

Humor is a funny thing.  What I think is funny might not be the slightest bit humorous to you.  The scope of humor is staggering, from the physical slapstick of Eddie Murphy to the subtle wit of Woody Allen, and I am a fan of it all.

But if I had to choose I suppose I lean more toward darker, more sarcastic word/observational humor.  Tosh.O, anyone? Or Ricky Gervais.  I know it's total a shocker. 

My husband apparently needs sight before his funny is even remotely engaged.  Give him props in the style of Jeff Dunham and he's a happy man.  (We agree on Tosh.O only because of the videos.)

My older son enjoys all of it.  My youngest who just turned 4 is the one who worries us.  
He's also the one who stuffs noodles in his belly button for snacking later and apparently thinks I bear a striking resemblance to Conan O'Brien since he keeps insisting it's me on those commercials.  

I've been trying to teach him the fine art of the Knock, Knock joke.  So far it has gone something like this:

Me: Knock, knock.
Mini Me: Who's there?
Me: Boo
Mini Me: Boo
Me: No, Boo Hoo.
Mini Me: Who the heck is Boo Hoo?

Explain and then repeat exact same scenario twenty more times.  He thinks this is hilarious.  Either his funny bone is broken or...he is messing with me.  Really, really messing with me.

Now for funny pics:


  1. Is that little Uncle Fester on the bottom?

  2. The baby looking at the clone looks just like my new baby. Kind of freaking me out, actually. HOW'D THEY GET IN OUR HOUSE TO TAKE THAT PICTURE?

    Also, you know, it was really funny. Plus, my youngest son would be a really good baby to clone. He doesn't even spit up.

  3. Conan O'Brien? Hahaha. Time for a spa day and a trim, I say. :D

  4. How could anyone think you look like Conan O'Brien?

    Wait. You ARE a girl, right?

    :D I kid, I kid!


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