Saturday, November 3, 2012

Was That a Maybe?

What does a writer do when they're stuck inside on a rainy day with sick kids?  They rewrite the lyrics to Call Me, Maybe.  Or at least I do.  Don't judge me.  I'm not the first.

Had some stories to tell,
Decided oh what the hell,
Sent a thousand queries by email.
Now I’m just waitin’ patiently.

There’s nothing in my way,
I’m writing night and day,
My house in total disarray,
Let’s not even mention the laundry.
Can you feel me?

It’s not like this is a quest,
More like some sort of test.
But I won’t freak if I fail,
‘Cause I’m not crazy.
Well ok, Maybe.

There’s nothing in my way,
I’m writing night and day.
Family threatens to run away,
Pretty sure they’re too lazy.

They cry ‘got nothin’ to wear’,
So I just give them a glare.
Can you do your own laundry,
Why’s it always gotta be me?

There’s nothing in my way.
I’m writing night and day.
Family stops giving me grief,
At least that’s a relief.

Must have found something to put on.
Turn around, see my husband in a thong.
Fine, I’ll do the damn laundry.

And I’ll continue to wait
Checkin’ Querytracker for the update,
But it might help if I could tell,
Is your answer a no, just maybe?
Or what the hell?

I never promised this would be good.


  1. Where are the photos of the man thong!!??

    LOL. This was pretty good. And you must be going nuts on the query-go-round, if you have to vent via Call Me Maybe. :))

  2. Really funny, Marsha! I only know "Call Me" by Blondie (yes, I'm that old), but I liked your lyrics even if I didn't have the right tune in my head. lol :-D

  3. LOL, good one. I rewrote the main chorus for that song, but never the whole thing. My version was "Hey, you're an agent. And this is crazy. But here's my query, so call me maybe." Yours is more original. ;o)


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