Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Insecure Writers-Time Slippage

The slippage of time has been bothering me lately.  Not like the time slippage you experience when shopping too long in Walmart for a specific toy and look up to find more than an hour has passed and the only thing you have in your cart is scotch tape but more like when you realize it's actually December and where the hell did the year go?

Writing takes time and good writing takes even longer.  It's not something I have a huge supply of so I tend to guard it, to hoard it and once in a while freak out over the passing of it.

I'm not the most patient person which is ironic considering the publishing industry is notorious for it's lengthy process.  But I don't think I ever had a choice in the matter.  Nor will it stop me from pursuing what's been a dream since I first learned to read.  A long, long time ago...

Someone should have invented a way to bottle time by now.

This has been a post for the Insecure Writers Support Group hosted as always by the incredible Alex Cavanaugh.


  1. As a kid I wasn't very patient, but as a writer I have developed a modicum of patience. I tend to prioritize what is important and not fret about the rest.

    As for time, yes, it has flown by this year. I better understand my parents now when I used to complain about wanting to be older when I wanted my drivers license. It seems so long ago and yet it was a flash.

    Enjoy the holidays! Cheers!

  2. "Writing takes time and good writing takes even longer."

    Oh, hell yes. It's been a freaking year! And I'm still not done with my first draft. I'm not going to sweat it though. I believe in doing things right, even if it takes longer. And you are right to protect your time. Especially when you have work and family to balance with the writing. You must protect that time for yourself.

  3. I love the pic and the idea of bottling time! Instead of feeling time disappears, sometimes I feel the opposite way. There are things I'm waiting for or things that seem like they happened a long time ago -- yet very little time has actually passed. I guess that means I must be even more impatient than you! :-D

  4. Oh boy if they could bottle time I'd be buying.

  5. ha ha! Right? It's always slipping away and it's the one thing we can never get more of, no matter who you are. I think of time always and how my kids are growing so fast and wont want me around soon. *sniff sniff*

    THanks for the warm wishes on mu blog, Marsha. :)

  6. I could use a few bottles myself...

  7. I hate starting a new novel and getting really into it, then looking up and realising it's six weeks later. I think I need a few bottles too.

  8. Every single night I go to bed thinking "where the hell did the time go?" It seems like there's never enough time for writing, so when I hear someone complain that they're bored, I want to slap them. I can't remember the last time I had time to be bored.


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